The support every new mom deserves

You need more than an experienced physician and a comfortable maternity suite. You deserve experts in every aspect of the maternity experience:

  • Discover an experienced, highly trained staff, working as a team to care for you and your family.
  • Rest assured knowing you have an expert team ready for any medical emergency:
    • 24/7 pediatric coverage from NRP-certified Emergency Medical Association pediatricians.
    • 24/7 pediatric care from neonatal-resource nurses with 10-25 years experience of NICU Level II or above.
    • All registered nurses have 5+ years of experience in their specialty LDR or Mother-Baby and have received 16 CEUs in breast feeding. Charge nurse has over 10 years experience.
    • 11 respiratory therapists, each with more than 11+ years of NICU experience and NRP-certified. Expect respiratory therapy attendance at all high-risk deliveries, including all C-section deliveries.
    • Lactation support from an International Board-Certified lactation consultant with 25+ years of experience.
  • Get some rest as our team of nurses monitors your infant in our open nursery.
  • Find all of the information you need to know as a new parent, or as a family with a new baby, at our classes for expectant parents and families. We provide a wide range of prenatal care and education to help you prepare for pregnancy, delivery and parenting.
  • Relax knowing the careful security precautions we take for each baby in our hospital. Every newborn is given ID bands on wrist and ankle, with matching bands provided to mom. These ID bands are checked every time baby and mom are united. A security system monitors each baby’s location and prevents the baby from leaving the maternity area without an adult wearing a matching ID band.