StoneSprings Hospital - October 02, 2018

A young couple expecting their first child recently found themselves panicking about a calendar coincidence. The husband’s deployment date was the same as their baby’s due date. Realizing how desperate her husband was to meet their son before he left, the woman asked to be induced a week early. She had to overcome fears about an increased risk of a C-section because of the induction. New research indicates she needn’t have worried.

With C-section rates at an eye-brow raising 33 percent in the US, expectant women and their doctors are looking at ways to avoid unnecessary surgery. Until recently, studies seemed to support the idea that inducing labor could lead to an increased chance for delivering by C-section. New findings from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA indicates those previous study conclusions may have been flawed.

When the team examined randomized controlled trials, they found no connection whatsoever between induction and C-sections, specifically in births of single, full-term babies to mothers with uncomplicated pregnancies. The study concludes that for women who were induced at 39 weeks, there was no greater risk of having a C-section than in those induced past 40 weeks. The news was welcomed at StoneSpring Hospital.

"We occasionally do have a woman that needs to be induced,” explains Margie Brandquist, Certified Nurse-Midwife at StoneSprings Hospital. “If there’s not a greater risk, then these women can rest easy.”

An additional study, this one out of Washington University School of Medicine, shows that inducing labor in healthy first-time mothers in the 39th week of pregnancy, actually results in lower rates of C-sections compared with waiting for labor to begin naturally at full term. Healthcare professionals note that these results could have a significant impact on practices in the future.

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