StoneSprings Hospital - April 25, 2018

How a YouTube video inspired a new trend in Labor and Delivery

You can’t argue with great choreography - but that’s not the extraordinary part of this year’s hit video that shows a Brazilian doctor dancing with his pregnant patient. The amazing part is she’s dancing while in active labor!

The YouTube sensation is fun to watch, but it turns out it may be good inspiration for pregnant women looking to make their delivery easier.

The doctor from the video must have read a 2014 study published in the Global Journal of Health Science that found women who danced during the first stage of their labor experienced less pain and greater satisfaction than those who did not.

What’s the science behind dancing in the delivery room?

Non-pharmacologic pain relief techniques have long been important to midwives and labor and delivery nurses who want to keep patients comfortable - and happy - during their labor. Pelvic movements combined with an upright position and activity are effective ways to help natural labor progress – and reduce the amount of pain experienced with the first stage of labor.

For years, health practitioners have suggested staying on your feet while laboring at home and walking the halls or bouncing on an exercise ball once patients arrive at a birthing center or hospital. The position, and gravity, puts pressure on the cervix, helps the baby move into position and relives strain on back muscles so labor can progress.

Dancing – with pelvic tilts, hip rocking, squatting and a standing position – is a great option that combines effective movements with partner support and interaction, and music. The distraction that dancing provides is also a welcome break from counting contractions or thinking about the pain. Many women in the US are already listening to music during their labor. Dancing adds another dimension, and helps the experience feel more like a celebration.

Dancing is easy, drug-free and doesn’t cost a dime, making it the perfect addition to labor and delivery routines everywhere. Moms can customize their dancing with music they find inspiring, from gentle rhythms to Brazilian hits. Check out our recommendation for a labor play list here.

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