StoneSprings Hospital - June 01, 2017

Aerin and Drake top the name charts, hands-free breast pumps are hot, and Britax continues to dominate the stroller market. If you follow trends, then you’ll love the latest news in pregnancy and child birth. StoneSprings Hospital keeps you up to date!

Prenatal tests

Hallelujah! New non-invasive testing options carry less risk and yield more accurate information. Parents can get vital information, about conditions like Down syndrome, without the risk of miscarriage from the screening tests themselves.

Childbirth Classes

Busy parents don’t need to clear their calendars to fit in birthing classes. Options for one-day intensive classes and online classes are now popping up. Less expensive than traditional 6-8 week courses, these options can fit into your schedule and often come with resources or follow up questions or reminders. Lamaze offer free online videos.


As many as 20 percent of expecting mothers will be put on bedrest during their pregnancy. But research shows there’s little evidence that bedrest is beneficial for women facing preterm labor, high blood pressure, or multiples – and the confinement may actually cause harm. Expect to hear more on this in the coming months.

Home Birth Experience

While home births sound good, parents wanting the “home” experience without the risk are opting for hospital-supported birthing centers. Here, Moms can move around their rooms during labor, be surrounded by family and even use the shower or other techniques to move things along. Often, babies room-in after they’re born too.

Keeping up with the latest trends in pregnancy can make your 9-month experience happy – and healthy. StoneSprings Hospital offers a world-class option for your birthing experience, right in your backyard.

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