StoneSprings Hospital - March 23, 2017

Your contractions have started and you feel like this is it. Start timing and recording those contractions and then do these three things before you head to the hospital. They’re small tasks that can make the next few days infinitely easier.

  1. Figure out your baby equipment. You don’t want to be sorting out latches and buckles with a crying newborn in your arms. So take a few minutes to try buckling/unbuckling the carrier and putting it in/taking it out of the base. Also, look at how your stroller folds/unfolds since you’ll be using it soon. These easy tasks can keep you distracted and moving during early labor.
  1. As labor progresses, try to get some rest (send your partner to take a nap too), use the bathroom, have an energizing snack, and relax through contractions in a shower or bath. Some moms like swear that shaved legs and blown out hair can be a shot of confidence while others spend their time at home prepping like an athlete with stretches and yoga.
  1. Grab flip flops and your phone charger. You’ll be happy to have slip on shoes that fit even if your feet swell. And a phone charger will keep you powered up so you can send pics once your little one arrives.